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Why Do Some RELISH Leadership?

Have you ever thought, some people are born leaders, while others seem unlikely candidates? The reality, however, is there is no such thing as someone, born to be a leader, but, rather, quality leadership, comes about, because of a variety of factors, including one’s attitude, desire, willingness, training, ability/ willingness to learn effectively, empathy, motives, self – confidence, etc. In my over four decades, of identifying, qualifying, training, developing and consulting to thousands of actual and/ or potential leaders, the one characteristic, which often, stands out, is there are some individuals, who appear to RELISH leadership, deeply and consistently, while the vast majority, appear someone less motivated and/ or inspired! Let’s review, using the mnemonic approach, what some of the reasons/ factors involved, might be, for those who appear most ready and motivated.

1. Reasons; rationale; responsive; relevant: What might be the reasons, one might relish leading, more than most others? Perhaps, it is because he feels he may be better suited, or ready, to make a necessary difference, for the better. He may possess greater insight, so his rationale enhances his self – confidence, judgment, wisdom, and willingness to take timely action. Could that individual be tired of the same – old, same – old, type of leaders, and see, there is a need for responsive, wiser leadership? This individual must clearly be able to differentiate between what is most relevant, versus petty stuff!

2. Empathy; excellence: Unfortunately, may seek leadership positions, because they feel they are the only ones with the answers! The best leaders are those who feel deeply about their reasoning and approaches, yet, are willing and able, to listen effectively, learn the needs, concerns and priorities of constituents, and prioritize leading with genuine empathy! These people must never settle for good – enough, mediocre, or acceptable, but, rather, strive for quality and excellence!

3. Listen; learn: Why do so few recognize, there is a reason, we have two ears, but only one mouth? One must effectively listen, far more than speak, be able to think and understand, and strive, to learn from every experience!

4. Ideas; instincts; imagination; integrity; ideals: Sometimes, it’s all about one’s instincts, and the ability to possess the imagination, to not only see things as they are, but as they could, and should be! Seek a leader with the instincts to make the wisest decisions! Someone truly fit, to serve as a leader, must maintain his ideals, regardless of popularity and/ or convenience/ expediency!

5. Strengths; sustainable system; solutions: Do you possess the strengths, which might be advantageous to a real leader? Will you consistently seek solutions to challenges and obstacles, while others simply seek to blame and complain? Do you have the vitality and wisdom, to realize, one only becomes a quality, meaningful leader, when he creates, develops, and implements, a superior, relevant, sustainable system?

6. Head/ heart; healthier: Those who relish leading, have the somewhat, uniques ability, to balance their emotional and logical components, in a head/ heart balance! They seek to leave their organization, healthier, stronger, and more sustainable, than they found it!

Leadership has its challenges, so, therefore, organizations should seek individuals, with the inner fortitude and attitude, to RELISH the responsibility and authority! Are you that type of person?



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