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Why Leadership Must Be STEADY

Why would anyone feel comfortable with someone in a position of leadership, who was not consistent, reliable, dependable, prepared, and built confidence? Unfortunately, however, in my over four decades of identifying, qualifying, developing, training and consulting to over a thousand actual and/or potential leaders, this scenario has often been the case! How does it make you feel when your leader appears to lack the emotional maturity, understanding, or judgment, one would prefer in those in that position? Observe how someone acts and reacts, and whether it leads to unification and team-building, or polarization, blaming and complaining. Let’s review, from a mnemonic perspective, why it is so very essential for leaders to be STEADY.

1. Sustainable system; strengthening: Examine the behavior and reactions, and see if it strengthens or weakens the group! When stakeholders feel comfortable that leadership is consistent, reliable, and a steady influence, they become far more interested in participating more, and getting involved, to a larger degree. This steadiness helps maintain a sense of calm, well-considered judgments and considerations, and thus, makes the possibilities of creating, developing and implementing a sustainable system, far better!

2. Trustworthy; timely: When the group faces a challenge, whom would you prefer to see leading: a prepared, calm individual, or one who appears to panic (or act somewhat erratically)? True leaders must gain the trust of those they serve, and this can only be accomplished by pursuing absolute integrity, remaining calm (and in control), and leading others to the best course of action. There is no room for procrastination, because timely action consistently has the best opportunity to create positive, necessary results!

3. Enriching; empathetic; expert: Do stakeholders feel your steady hand and confident leadership, enriches their experiences? Do you listen effectively, so you can be as empathetic, as possible? Are you considered, the go-to, knowledgable, consistent. reliable, steady expert?

4. Attitude; aptitude; attention: Steady leaders maintain a positive, can-do, reliable attitude, and instill a sense of confidence, in others! They train, learn, develop a quality aptitude, transform it to true judgment, and wisdom! They don’t merely look at the surface, but pay keen attention to details, and what is going on around them!

5. Delve deeply; deliver: Avoid snap-judgments, and carefully consider alternatives, contingencies and ramifications. Do so, by delving deeply into issues, and understanding the details and nuances. Always under-promise, and over-deliver!

6. You: A steady leader makes it all about you-the stakeholder! He holds your hand, comforts you, and leads you in a desirable direction!

If you decide to be a leader, maintain a STEADY hand, and a positive attitude. Others will follow, believe, and together, you will succeed!



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